I’m Quitting

Sorry guys. This blog is not taking off. I have had for like 2 moths and 30 hits? I am moving to penguincheatgang. If you want to see me there http://penguincheatgang.wordpress.com. Sorry again.



LEGO Penguin and Something About the Blog….

I just made a penguin out of LEGOs!! Here it is:

LEGO Penguin

How do you guys like it?

One more thing, I am not going to post as much about CP cheats anymore, more stuff like LEGOs and make Youtube videos on my bro’s account.  I have a video on it. Go to this link: http://youtube.com/cpfunnygang.


New Snow and Sports Catolog!

They have a new Snow & Sports Catolog!

There are only 1 secret item, but its pretty good.

Ok, Go to the First page and click on the soccer ball that is in the air and the GREEN SOCCER outfit will show up.

Also there is a penguins at work page.

Go to the last page and you will see the Lifeguard suit.

You can also swim with the lifeguard suit if you have nothing on.

Rockhopper’s Plants Are Unloading!!!!!

Rockhopper’s plants are unloading! You can find the plants at the Beach. This is what it looks like.

Doubi1456 Beach


Rockhopper Picture Cheat

Ok, Go to the Captains Quarters and see the picture frame of Rockhopper & Yarr and put your mouse over the picture frame and the picture will change.


Rockhopper’s Here!!!!

Sorry I didn’t post about this yesterday. I didn’t have time. Well Rockhopper is here! His ship is coverd in plants. He gave out a Overgrown Ship Backgound.

Rockhopper Catolog

New Pin

There is a new pin! It is a Sundae. You can find it in the Pizza Parlor.